Inside The Wire

Inside the Wire Podcast is Produced by the Rome Marines Veterans Center, Inc. (RMVC) Rome, NY.  Serving veterans and first responders throughout Central New York.

This podcast is aimed at news, commentary, and announcements for Central New York’s finest.  Also excerpts from the Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project (LCVOHP) will be aired and focus on local CNY Veterans.  Full interviews are posted on the Veterans Oral History Project (VOHP) page for your knowledge and enjoyment.

Inside the wire is tailored for veterans of CNY, focusing on the constituency we can provide a needed service for our veterans.  We are veteran advocates.

We are looking for veterans of ALL services and all eras and generations to interview for the Veterans Oral History Project (VOHP).  Become part of the Library of Congress archives!  Contact us today.

If you are a veterans organization in CNY wishing to advertise an event or function contact Inside the Wire please Contact us.

We look forward to hear form you.

Inside the Wire is an A&M Production of the Rome Marines Veteran’s Center, Inc. Located at 307 Adams Street, Rome, NY 13440. It is not affiliated with any government or other veterans service organizations. It is committed to server all branches of military service, merchant marines, and first responders regardless generation.

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